sunnuntai 12. toukokuuta 2013

Mother's Day


Ihanaa äitienpäivää mun ikiomalle rakkaalle äidille, mummulle ja Mammalle siellä merten takana! Ootte aivan äärettömän tärkeitä, rakkaita ja parhaita! 

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mum, my both lovely grandmas and my amazing host mum!  
This is your day, hope you have enjoyed it because you totally deserve it :)
I'm so happy to have you all in my life and love you all greatly! ♥ 

Mother's Day waffles with ice cream, bananas, berries and melted chocolate, home made with the new waffle maker! Way better than T'hooft ones.. ;)

3 kommenttia:

  1. Kiitos ihanaiseni! You are the most wonderful daughter one can have! With love, rakkain terveisin,

  2. Another Mom's song so that you'll remember what's it all about ;)