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Can you speak Australian?

G'day mates!

Australian slang. Love it! I've had this plan about making kind of an 'Aussie slang dictionary' for a quite a long time, and here it finally is. Aussie slang is pretty unique and funny, although some of these following ones  may be used somewhere else as well, like in Australia's dear neighbor country, New Zealand. Anyway, here's some words and phrases I've heard and also used by myself when I've wanted to be a true Aussie, hehe ;)

    • Arvo - afternoon
    • Avos - avocados
    • Barbie - barbecue
    • Bathers - bikini/swimmers
    • Bikkie - biscuit
    • Bloke - man, guy
    • Bogan - basically just a person who spends most of their time by drinking beer, who wears a flannie and who doesn't really care about their appearance or looks, kind of an American redneck :D
    • Brekkie - breakfast
    • Bush - Australian 'forest', or nature, or outback, or just anywhere out of city :D
    • Chewy - chewing gum
    • Chokkie - chocolate
    • Esky - a cooler
    • Footy - Aussie football
    • G'day - base of the basics, hello!
    • ''Good on ya'' - Well done
    • Heaps - often used instead of 'lots'
    • ''I reckon'' - often used instead of 'I think'
    • Joey - baby kangaroo
    • Lollies - sweets, candies
    • Maccas - McDonald's
    • Mate - friend, buddy!
    • Mozzies - mosquitoes
    • Pressie - present
    • Rellies - relatives
    • Righto - okiedokie
    • Servo - petrol station
    • Sickie - day off from school or work, even when you're perfectly healthy
    • Snag - sausage! :D
    • ''She'll be right'' - it's gonna be alright
    • Soft drink - Sprite, Fanta, Coke..
    • Stubby - 375ml beer
    • Sunbake - definitely used instead of sunbathing!
    • Sunnies - sunglasses
    • Tea - dinner
    • Thongs - those rubber sandal things on your feet, flip flops if you will
    • Tomato sauce - definitely used instead of ketchup
    • Veggies - vegetables
    • Whinge - to complain

Aussies also love to shorten their words, sentences, names and pretty much everything, as well as to make abbreviations, such like BYO - bring your own. Everyone has short nicknames, and it seems to be like the shorter, the better. Also, as you can notice, it's super common to add those 'ie''y' or 'o' - endings to words, like "thingy" instead of just "thing", or talk about "undies" instead of "underwear". Ain't nobody got time for sayin' "comfortable", when you can simply just say "comfy"?! 

Here's couple of videos of differences between Australian and American slangs and their words that I found pretty interesting! (Dedicated especially to Heidi & Chris! :)

And this one is my favourite! Carl Barron, just so hilarious! :D

Aaand if anyone is still interested, check these ones out as well! Good stuff :)
So yeah, as I said, Australian slang and accent are pretty unique, and it took me a while to fully understand them. I had some funny moments of misunderstanding and messing up, not only due to the slang but the language in general, when I used to always mix up laundry and lounge room, so I told everyone I was sitting in the laundry watching TV. Also, I wrote to my first English essay something like that the holocaust left many scarves to the human history, instead of scars. One confusing word is chips, as well, when the Aussies call both the Maccas style, soft 'french fries' and those hard and crispy ones as chips. And these are just a few examples, this list could very likely go on forever! :D

Oh, so do I have an Aussie accent? Well, people in Finland say I do, but when you ask the Aussies they mostly just laugh and keep telling me it's never ever gonna happen. Thanks for that, guys :D So, even though my awesome Finnish accent is definitely fading and my pronunciation has gotten more Aussie-like, apparently it's still far from da true Aussie accent. Oh well, one day, guys, one day.. ;) Haha! 
This is it for now, see ya soon!

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  1. Joo siis ku tulin mul oli ihan amerikkalainen aksentti, mua jopa luultii ett olin jenkeist ja nyt kaikki aina luulee ett oon paikallinen, ett mul on kuulema iha aussi aksentti :D Ja ku kuulee amerikka enkuu nii se kuullostaa ihan oudotla nykyää! hahah :D

    1. Haha jännä! Mua on luultu hollantilaiseks ja ranskalaiseks, en kyl tiä et miten ihmeessä! :D Ja älä muuta sano, ja just joku "candy" tai "flip flops" kuulostaa vaa niin väärältä :D

  2. Good Grief!

    - C. Brown -

  3. Toi 'sunbake' on hauska! Kun sä ekan kerran kirjoitit sillain tässä blogissa, niin mä ajattelin että voi hyvänen aika, nyt sä olet kuullut sen ihan väärin:) Kaikkea sitä oppii ittekin:D

    1. Niin on! Mä oonkin aatellut et sä oot varmaan saanu ihan järkyttävän kuvan mun enkusta aina, jos oon kirjottanu jotain aussislangia tai puhekieltä tai muuta, haha :D Meiän enkut on kohta ku kaks eri kieltä ;)

  4. Hehe en edes huomannut et monet näistä ovat slangi-sanoja kun käytän niitä koko ajan osana joka-päivästa puhetta :P