keskiviikko 27. maaliskuuta 2013

But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more


I woke up super early this morning so that I would've had enough time to update my blog before school, but yeah, I managed just to waste the whole morning, miss the bus with Amy and do other great stuff like that. Good on me! Luckily the rest of my day was good, especially when knowing that tomorrow will be the last day of school before two weeks of holidays, woo! Now we're having another sleepover at Kim's, watching movies and eating Easter junk a bit early, hehe. 
Anyway, I'm posting this time only in English as you can see, just because I'm lazy like that, and don't really even have that much to write about.

I suck so much when it comes to nail polishes and stuff, so I was super proud of myself when I was able to successfully paint my nails like in the upper photos, haha!

So what have I been up to lately? I actually can't even remember what has happened during this week, mostly just basic life I guess :D But, even though weekdays might of been a bit more ordinary, my weekends have been and will be busy because of all the birthdays, haha. Not last weekend but one weekend before we went camping in the middle of nowhere with a group of girls, dressed up as bogans. It was pretty interesting but such a fun night! :) Last Friday we had this another party with the theme of Mardi Gras, so everyone was dressed up with heaps of colours, feathers, make up and glitter. I love these Aussie theme parties and dressing up, they're so good! :) And for tuning into the right party mood, you must listen to this song hahaha! :D
But yeah, brace yourselves since there's a whole lot of pictures coming..

No more pictures you say?! Okiedokie, I better to finish then and start another movie marathon with Kim. So, see ya later and have a good week! xo

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  1. Good Grief!

    - C. Brown -

  2. Noi Cadburyn moussetäytteiset suklaamunat näyttää niin ihanilta, uuh. Onks parempia kuin meidän Mignonit?

    Nimim. 86-prosenttinen linjani lipsahtelee...

    1. Ne oli kyl ihan sikahyviä! No mä en ite rakasta Mignoneita niin paljoa, et kyllä noi mun mielestä ne voitti 6-0, haha! :D
      Hehheh, mä itse asiassa mietinkin yks päivä et miten oot pysyny linjassa.. Heti lipsutaan ku en oo vahtimassa ;)