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Melbourne through pictures

Hi guys!

I'm writing only in English this time, just because I don't have enough time for doing this with both languages haha!

Anyway, straight to the point. As I told earlier, last week I visited Emma, who lives in Melbourne and who I haven't seen for a couple of years, and stayed at her place for three days. These three days included, for example, drive in movies, feeding heaps of beautiful birds, Finnish Independence Day dinner and sauna, amazing thai food, walking in the 'rainforest', eating scones in the prettiest little tea room ever, going to the St.Kilda beach and, in general, seeing also another side of Melbourne apart from the very center of the city. I had so great time with Emma, it was amazing to talk in Finnish for the first time in 5 months! :) After those three days I already felt sick of Finnish, though, haha :D I'd really like to tell everything very specifically but I really have to go to sleep as well since tomorrow I have to get up early as, so that's why I just put these pictures here and let them to tell the story for me. And it's true that a picture tells more than a thousand words, isn't it? ;) I feel very sorry about this but I wanted to share something about this trip with you anyway, and if I don't do it now, I will probably forget to do it later. But, I warn you, the amount of pictures is masssssive!

Views from SkyHigh!

Finnish Independence Day dinner!


At the moment, I'm so very excited about tomorrow cause tomorrow is the day when I will finally go to Queensland to meet my dearest Cherine! These coming seven days will be more awesome than ever, I can tell ya! This means that, as I said, tomorrow I have to get up early and jump into the bus, go to Melbourne Airport, find the right gate and try not to miss my plane, get out when I'm at Brisbane Airport, hope my luggage is still with me and collect it from somewhere, catch another bus and sit in it for 3 hours until I hopefully arrive to Toowoomba! :) Haha, sounds like a bit messy plan but I definitely believe in myself! :p So, I'm not sure if I'm going to post anything during this week but if not, byebye and see yous next week! :) xx

PS. The random fact of the day! I finally did it today, I burnt my bum while I was sunbaking! It is bright red now and hurts so much, I even have a picture of it but maybe it's better if I don't put it here and make someone traumatized, haha! :D Anyway, sitting is more painful than ever, I reckon I will have the best 6 hours of travelling in the plane and the buses tomorrow...

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