sunnuntai 5. elokuuta 2012



I'm too lazy to write in both languages so I decided to write only in English at this time, I'm sorry my Finnish friends! <3 I'm also pretty tired and I really have to go to bed soon so this will be the quickest post ever (or not..) 

Anyway, I can't believe it's been one month tomorrow since I left from home. As I've mentioned a thousand times earlier, time passes so fast here that I'll probably be back in Finland before I can even realize it! Just a moment ago I said goodbyes to my family at the airport, but on the other hand, it feels like I'd have been here for years. I don't mean I'd already be a genius with language or anything but it just feels so in some weird way! :D

Our very retarded family :)

Oh well, maybe you'd like to know how's it going over here. Honestly, I don't know what to tell again since I've so much stuff to tell! It's going good, in summary :) This week has been pretty normal but really good and has contained all kinds of things even though nothing very special has happened, actually. Oh wait, we spent the whole weekend in Melbourne once again and yesterday I also was at Australian wedding ceremony for the very first time in my life! It's something quite special, isn't it? :p I really enjoyed it even though I had no idea who all of those guests and other people were, haha! Of course my camera's batteries were flat and, as a very smart person, I didn't take any full ones with me. Great job, me! However, I took some with my host mum's iPhone but I don't have them in my computer yet, so no can do.

Drunken line painter?

Thai food, yummy <3

I feel really lazy now so perhaps instead of writing I just take easy this time and be content with a couple of pictures of our school which we took with Kim one day on photography :p

We're going to make a skiing trip to Australian Alps with school. We'll leave on Tuesday and be away for four days, so I think I'll write next time at next weekend. Skiing, camping and a lot of snow, how exciting for me and different than in Finland haha! :D Just kidding, I'm very excited, seriously! It will be so much fun :p

Anyway, good night everybody and have a nice week! xx

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  1. Vähän sun koulu näyttää kivalta :)Jaja kaikki muukin ihan huisilta! (: Varmaan teillä on varo kenguruita kylttejä ja meillä vaan jotain tylsiä varo hirviä kylttejä!

    1. Jep, nii huisia ku on palmuja ja kaikkee kivaa koulun pihalla! :D Meiä koulu on nii iso et näissä kuvissa näkyy aika pieni osa vaa siitä mut nii! Ja haha jep :p

  2. pakko kysyä et mitä tos kuvas tapahtuu mis on punanen matto?:D

  3. You look so sweet in that uniform:)